Acronis Cloud backup elementor

Ensure your data stays safe and secure in the cloud.

Acronis is a cloud storage solution for all your systems and data. Safe and easy to use, it will keep your business protected from online attacks ensuring peace of mind knowing your business is protected.

Acronis is suitable for all businesses from small start-ups with only a few team members to large established firms with many employees, working on multiple projects. Acronis offers a wide range of features to protect your systems and data from device failure, malware attacks or physical disasters.

Key Features

Extensive support

Acronis can be used with many different platforms, including Windows, Mac and virtual machines. Unlike other cloud software, there is no limit to the number of file versions stored or the time they are stored for.

Cross-cloud capacity

It is compatible with Acronis cloud or other cloud providers to cater for your specific business needs.

Saas based

Acronis is Saas based, easy to set up and does not require any extra hardware.

Varied back-up options

With automatic and manual back up available, Acronis will back up everything from files and folders to virtual machines. This guarantees peace of mind and ensures your data is always protected.

Customer Benefits

Back-up flexibility

Acronis enables you to back-up and restore systems or files quickly and easily anywhere with an internet connection and through any device. Back-up plans can be managed remotely through a central dashboard.

Malware protection

Acronis uses military-grade encryptions to protect from ransomware with real-time back-up.

Secure access

Administrators can grant different levels of access to different employees to ensure data remains protected.

Offsite safety

Storing data safely using the Acronis cloud back-up system offers better protection for all your business data, ensuring it is unaffected by natural disasters, on-site problems and individual device failure.

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