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Offload Digital offers a wide range of hosting options from shared hosting to keep costs low, to dedicated virtual machines for the more established business. With three distinct packages all boasting a comprehensive list of features, we make it easy to choose the best plan for your business.

Shared Hosting

Keep your hosting cost low with shared hosting infrastructure tailored for your business..

VPS Hosting

Virtual hosting designed to help achieve the optimal operating costs and hosting performance.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated virtual machines on cloud to deliver the full potential for your website.

Choose your plan top frequently asked questions

Do I need an SSL?

If you are going to be handling sensitive customer data, then you will need an SSL certificate. In particular, you will definitely need a certificate if you website is:

  • An e-commerce website that takes credit card payments or subscriptions.
  • A website that allows for file storage, messaging or email communication.

Most browsers now indicate when a website is not secure and so most businesses now recognize a need to install an SSL certificate in order to encourage users to use their websites. Google also try to encourage this safer browsing practice, and as result, there are SEO benefits for sites that are HTTPS secure.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is one type of web hosting, where a virtualized server is run on top of a variable pool of resources – i.e. a “cloud”. This allow a cloud hosting customer to scale available computing power as needed.

Many VPS hosting plans are actually cloud hosting plans, whether or not they are advertised that way.

How does cloud hosting effect my SEO?

One of the benefits of cloud hosting is improved loading speed. Loading speed is one of the factors that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use to determine how a website should rank. Therefore, cloud hosting can help improve your SEO and page ranking.

When should I go for a Shared Hosting?

  • When running a blog or website of WordPress of Drupal.
  • If launching a website for personal use, or for the use of a small non-tech business, non-profit, church, or community group.
  • If you are expecting under a thousand visits each day.
  • If you are not needting to rank highly on Google for very competative search terms.
  • If you are not running a mission-critical site.

Do I need a .com domain?

  • A .com domain carries a high-degree of trust and legitimacy with customers. Because of this .com domains are more expensive to purchase and can be harder to acquire.Thankfully there are many other options and some will be better suited to your type of business and location. For example:
    • – a good alternative for UK based businesses.
    • .org – better suited for a non-proffit organisation such as a church, club, or charity.
    • .io or .digital – popular for tech focused startups or businesses.
    • Other more fun domain names such as .london, .ninja, .club.

    It is advisable generally to avoid second tier GTLDs such as .biz and .info. These are not well respected and tend to make savvy internet users suspicious.

If you are not sure what you need, get in touch for some recommendations.